December 23rd 2008 - Even though I started making videos in Summer 2007 and started Nick F. Productions in fall 2007, today is the 1 year anniversary of when I joined YouTube. I don't have videos a lot anymore because I do Moheh now.


May 27th 2008 - A friend and I have made a new production company called Moheh. Our YouTube Channel is and we will have up soon, we have to find a hosting site for Dreamweaver coding files. Yes I will be using  Dreamweaver to make the new site and maybe if I have enough time, I will make a Dreamweaver site for Nick F. Productions. I probably won't be posting as much as I used to on Nick F. Productions because I will be focusing mostly on Moheh Productions. By the way, "Moheh" is a word we made up so yeah...

May 4th 2008 - I finished a video I've been working on for several weeks. It's called The Beatles Revolution LEGO Version. I made it because my Ticket to Ride LEGO one was one of my most popular. Check it out in the Videos page or at my YouTube Channel at

April 14th 2008 - I added a ChatBox to the site which you can chat in here. Also I have a few new videos that you can check out here or at and a friend and I might start making live action comedy videos which will not be on this site or the nickfproductions YouTube Channel, it will be a whole new production company with an undecided name. We probably won't start until the summer (If we even have enough time to do it! :P) but when we will, I'll make an announcement. If you want to know when this or when other things happen, check back soon. Maybe in a while I'll start a email thing so when there's something new, you'll get emailed about it. Until I do that, just check the site for the latest news.

Stikfas - The Fight of the Plastic Update
Febuary 24th 2008 - Stikfas - The Fight of the Plastic will be delayed for several months. Soon I will have a date that I plan for it to come out on. There might be some other videos coming out before the Stikfas video comes out. Also I have new videos out available in the Videos section or at